Tidal Web has helped small businesses succeed online for almost 20 years

We understand that limited time, money and knowledge about online marketing can lead to frustration for small business owners. We also know how to solve there problems quickly and cost efficiently.

  1. Experience
  2. Tidal Web has almost 20 years of experience helping small to medium sized businesses build and grow their web presences.

  3. Cost Efficient
  4. We leverage our network of tech's brightest professionals to provide our clients with cost efficient, high quality services.

  5. Expert Advice
  6. Maybe all you need is someone to ask questions to or bounce ideas off of. We are available via video conference to provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

  7. Flat Rate Pricing
  8. All of our services are billed at a firm $100 per hour rate. Wether it is web design or consulting, our solid $100 per hour price lets you easily stay on budget

  9. Rock Solid Estimates
  10. Even though we bill hourly, once we give you an estimate we consider it locked in. Our professionals prefer the freedom of quoting us the hours it will take them and then having the liberty of putting in more time if the project requires it.

  11. Availability
  12. Because we run our whole company in the cloud, we are available to meet with you just about any time and anywhere! We prefer the intimacy of a video chat but we are also available via email, phone and live chat support

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