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Marketing your website effectively is a multi-faceted approach. Search engine optimization alone is simply not enough.

Targeted Keywords should be determined before any internet marketing efforts begin. Tidal Web will walk you through the steps needed to determine the right keywords and phrases.

Content not only keeps visitors on your site and coming back, but relevant, keyword rich content can also help your placement in the search engines. You may even gain inbound links if your content is valuable enough and considered a resource.

Search Engine Optimization goes hand in hand with content creation. There is a fine line between utilizing your target keywords and spamming the search engines. The key to getting the most reward for your effort is to walk that line in such a manner that search engines read the relevant content coded in the correct page areas.

Internal and external linking is the other major factor in letting the search engines know that you are relevant. For these links to count, they must be from quality sites. We do not list your sites in link farms that will count against you. You probably already have connections that could help you. We help you utilize those connections as well as search out other quality link exchanges.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are generally found on the top, bottom or right side of search engine results pages. Typically you will bid on keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your target market and pay only when a user clicks on your ad and lands on your web site. Although even a basic campaign can be effective, a well thought out campaign that serves relevant ad text, based on the keyword or phrase searched for, can be far more powerful.

Landing Pages are often used to speak to a visitor that clicks on a specific advertisement that you have placed. These landing pages are created to contain all of the information someone might need to submit a lead form or make a purchase.

Banner and Display Advertisements are typically static graphic or animated ads that can be placed on web sites where your customers may be visiting. For example if you are a sporting goods supply store, banner ads may be relevant on web sites that cater to sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Traditional Marketing such as business cards, television and radio advertisements, print ads and flyers should all be branded with your websites domain name.

E-Mail marketing is a very inexpensive way to reach your customers to encourage return visits and sales. Their email addresses must be collected in a legal manner and your mailing list managed responsibly. Your emails also need to be designed to be compelling and compatible with the wide variety of methods that the recipient may read them on. A quality email marketing service will not only send your mail, manage your list automatically and collect addresses but also generate reports on the effectiveness of your e-mail campaign.

Search Engine Ranking monitoring is essential to keep an eye on where your site is listed on various search engines for your targeted keywords.

Social Marketing and Blogs can be great companions to your website. In addition to the inbound links that they will supply, you get the opportunity to speak to people interested in your web site's subject matter in an informal manner. By authoring articles on your blog and linking to them from social mediums like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace you can take on the role of an expert. This will help your online reputation and brand recognition ultimately resulting in greater traffic to your website and higher sales.

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