Sell Your Wares Anywhere, Anytime

More and more consumers are using e-commerce to do their shopping. Are you limiting yourself to only foot traffic?

A well put together e-commerce site allows you to sell to more then just local consumers. It opens up your potential customer base to the world. At Tidal Web, we offer your business a feature rich e-commerce site, allowing you to reach the most customers possible.

Our secure e-commerce sites allow you to sell both physical and digital products, can support wholesale and drop shipping, provides you valuable analytics so you can manage your site better, allows for inventory tracking and so much more. With all of the latest e-commerce features at your fingertips built into a site that is responsive, you can capture more sales. Seamless integration with Intuit Quickbooks will make management a breeze, and there is built in promotions to make marketing easier then ever.

Some key features include the ability to create QR codes for specific products that can be included in print media, including social media functionality so existing customers can help attract new customers to your site through pages such as Facebook and Twitter, top of the line SEO to help with the best placement possible and even a Facebook and Mobile store.

The mobile store will allow you to capture customers who are using their smart phones and tablets. It is fully functional and will allow your customers to log in to see past purchases and access all of the features of your e-commerce site, just as if they were sitting in front of their computer. With more and more people accessing the web from devices other then their computers, the ability to capture these sales is a must for a successful e-commerce site.

Facebook stores are also becoming more popular. As you drive people to your Facebook page through other means, the ability to sell them selected items without them having to leave the page is a great way to capture new customers. Once a Facebook store is set up for you, there will be a "shop" tab on your Facebook page. From there you can choose whether to display all or just some of the products you carry. Customers are then able to sort the products for easier viewing and purchase from within Facebook. This will synchronize with your e-commerce site, so as a retailer, nothing changes for you. Just more sales.

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