We Represent You!

Tidal Web always works on behalf of our clients even when utilizing our own network of professionals. We are "YOUR WEB GUY" and can manage your existing project and vendors or lead your next one. 

You have questions and we have answers, that you can actually understand and act on! The internet and its service vendors love to use technical terms that you probably don't fully  understand. We can handle your interactions with these vendors, cut through the tech babble and provide you with actionable insights.

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Talent You Couldn't Afford

We utilize our own network of USA based professionals who are employed full time by large companies. We fill up their free time with your projects so that you get top quality work at prices otherwise unaffordable for most small businesses. All of the talent in our network is personally referred to us and must have a resume of proven excellence in their specialized field.

This model allows us to scale up to meet the time demands of your project regardless of the size by adding more workers without sacrificing quality. 

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Pricing and Availability

Tidal Web is 100% cloud based! We hold our meetings through audio/video chat and our support is provided via email, phone and live text chat. We are always available when you have time so that you can focus on running your business during peak times!

Our pricing is based on a flat rate of $100 per hour. Whether it is web design, ppc optimization or a consultation it is the same $100 per hour. We provide firm estimates for requested work and offer discounted prepaid hour packages.

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Just some of the services that Tidal Web provides


Consultant Services are available to clients who have questions about doing business online or are just confused by all of the options. Small businesses need expert counselors on their side to make sure they are building their online presence effectively. We give you straight actionable insights that cut through all of the tech jargon.

Project Management

Tidal Web will work with your new and existing vendors to ensure that your project gets delivered on time and on budget. We represent you in working with vendors to achieve the best possible product while allowing you to use your valuable time to run your business.

Responsive Website Design

Up to 60% of traffic to web site in the United Staes is through a mobile device. Responsive Website Design is a development method that creates websites that display correctly on all devices from smart phones to large screen computers. We can help rebuild your existing site or create an entirely new one so that you are not losing traffic and revenue.

E-Commerce Shopping Systems

All of our e-commerce systems are hosted on reliable servers and are compatible with modern mobile devices including smart phones. Our secure e-commerce sites allow you to sell both physical and digital products, can support wholesale and drop shipping, provide you with valuable analytics, allow for inventory tracking and so much more.

PPC & Online Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are generally found on the top, bottom or right side of search engine results pages. Although even a basic campaign can be effective, a well thought out campaign that serves relevant ad text, based on the keyword or phrase searched for, can be far more powerful. Correctly optimized campaigns combined with remarketing, display and banner ads and various other forms of online advertising can significantly increase your online success.

Conversion Optimization

Whether your goal is lead optimization, e-commerce sales or just to increase awareness of your business, our experts will guide you to online success. There are many ways to guide visitors through your website to your goals. We can help streamline that path leading to better return on your investment

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