Tidal Web Helps Small Businesses Succeed Online

Tidal Web was founded in 1996 with the sole purpose of helping small businesses succeed online.

We were among the first in the area to offer affordable e-commerce shopping systems to small business. We quickly became leaders in the two industries of Paintball Sports and Surfing. We worked with equipment retailers and sporting facilities to enhance their businesses. We were the first company to take WRV (Wave Riding Vehicles) website into the world of e-commerce. Other surfing retailers quickly followed as we set the standard for the industry.

A similar scenario happened in the Paintball industry. After working on a few playing field websites, we worked with a local wholesaler to take his business from just a couple local shops to a dominate online retailers. Other paintball sites soon followed wanting to work with Tidal Web, recognizing us as one of the major players in the industry. Through the same core values and innovative marketing we were able to replicate our success and once again add another name to the top of the online paintball retailers. Both companies were so successful that they had to build warehouses to stock enough supplies for their customers. Their businesses completely shifted their focus from selling locally to selling online globally.The era of the CMS (content management system) came into its own in the early 2000s and Tidal Web was there again to help small business utilize this technology effectively.

We were not satisfied with the Content Management Systems systems commercially available so we designed and built our own CMS. The system had to stick to our two main rules. It had to be easy for someone with very limited computer experience to be able to use. It also had to limit itself to editing content, not the actual site. As a user and administrator of many CMS systems, I saw the frustration of the complexity that still exists today when using a content management system. The system we designed should let the user update the content and Tidal Web make the design and site look professional and compliant with standards. As a business owner, you want to keep your content fresh and relevant without incurring hourly expenses every time you want to make a change. CONTeNT has changed throughout the years, but sticks to the principals of ease of use and giving access to what you need to change, while avoiding the overload that many CMS systems on the market seem to create.

With the focus of the web world now being on all of the different devices that access the web, Tidal Web is once again there to offer Responsive Web Design sites, so your customers can easily view your site, no matter how they are viewing your site.Our team of web developers have been in the industry since the mid to late 90's. They are constantly learning knew skills to stay ahead of the ever changing web world and to bring you the most effective site possible. Whether you need a basic site, e-commerce site or some help getting your site seen, Tidal Web has the experience to help your business get the most out of the web.

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